Tirumavalvan’s remarks in Manasmriti are hot, police have arrested Khushbu, who is going to protest

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Biduthalai Chiruthaigal Kachchi (VC) chief T Tirumavalvan’s comment on ‘Manusmriti’ has been heated. His remarks are being opposed across the state. BJP leader Khushboo Sundar was also going to Cuddalore to protest with Tirumavalvan’s statement, but was stopped and detained by police.

Tirumavalvan has been accused of insulting women

Recently VC chief Tirumavalvan went viral on social media saying he had insulted women in Manasmriti. The country is governed by the constitution, not by mindset. At the time, he used words that sparked controversy.

Hindu organizations later accused Tirumavalvan of insulting women. Seeing the intensity of the debate, Tirumavalvan made it clear that “I did not say anything that insulted women.” I only quoted Manasmriti. Manusmriti should be banned. The BJP is spreading fake news to spread communal strife. “

The fragrance came from the BJP leaving the Congress

Khushboo left the Congress a while ago and joined the BJP. When he left the Congress, he wrote a letter to Sonia Gandhi questioning the party’s work. Khushboo joined the DMK in 2010 and began his political journey. Then in 2014 he joined the Congress.


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