Ticket Theory: Cheap Ticket-less Theater, Box Office Shocking Story: Amit Sharma

There is mixed news about the movie screen. Some are told that the number of people watching the film in theaters is declining. The growing popularity of web platforms and piracy can be largely attributed to this.

On the other hand, there are companies that continue to invest their money in the theater chain. In new cities, including new screens, he is constantly ready to give people a unique experience of cinema.

Theaters chain company Mirage Entertainment is also determined to take the business further. Together with his managing director Amit Sharma we have tried to understand in depth the benefits and issues of this business.

You also produced a Madari film before, Irfan is back. What are your plans now?

You see, there are two types of producers in Bollywood, active and passive. We read in the passive section. We believe in the product and invest the money. We do not interfere with creative calls. That’s why you get to see a great film like Madari because we believe that the work that the creative can do better, the producer can’t do. That’s why we want to be in the role of a passive producer. Our next film is Bypass Road Under Production with Neel Nitin Mukesh. Her brother is its director, the film will be released in theaters later this year.

Amit Sharma with Neel Nitin Mukesh to bring the next picture on Bypass Road

Amit Sharma with Neel Nitin Mukesh to bring the next picture on Bypass Road

This time the problem spread to the FICCI frames that we have 9,000 screens here while China has 50,000 screens. How can we compete with themThe

First, we go to the FICCI frame data. There are 9 thousand screens, how many are served? Bahubali was released on thousands of screens across India. Cannot open more than 300 screens in a year. The same is being stopped. Which we are just sitting at number 6000. Now we are going to another data that we have less than 3 thousand multiplex screens here.

Hey this is very shocking information

Yes, you call it modern cinema. You like to go to the movies with your family, these are less than 3 thousand. Now you compare it to three thousand, fifty thousand in China. We

The country is the largest producer of films in the world. After America, we are the highest English-speaking country, so we have the opportunity to show all kinds of films, from regional movies to English. We are the country with the youngest population, which is the population watching movies. Those who are most interested in movies. All of which are positive for us. The downside is that our people don’t have a good alternative to the movie.

There are 3 multiplexes in the whole of Bihar. There are 5 multiplexes in Orissa. Where are the best cinema halls in Eastern Uttar Pradesh except Gorakhpur and Allahabad? You live in Azamgarh, Sitapur, where is your best cinema hall?

There are single screen theaters

Would you like to see the picture with your family on a single screen? In that case, if you don’t like going to a single screen, would you call it a serviceable screen? And if you talk about small towns, it is Mathura. Vrindavan. Don’t the populations of these cities want to go to the movies? But where is our screen?

The smartphone has arrived and has now created this opportunity for everyone that we are all now global citizens.

The FICCI said that Netflix’s Sacred Games have been seen more abroad than in India.

Now you can say that when you have so much information on your phone, why would you want to go to a movie theater like this, but 20 or 30 year old technology shows you movies.

So what is the solution?

We are opening multiplexes in many cities for this. We are going to open 100 more screens in the next 15 months. Our 100 screens are still wonderfully serviced. Small towns like Chandrapur, Nandurbar, Sitapur, Gorakhpur, Prayagraj, Varanasi, Bhagalpur are coming up with movies soon. Here we do not compromise with technology. It may be that you don’t have as much ambiance as you got in Mumbai or Delhi but in technology you won’t get less than anyone.

How much does it cost you to set up a theater thereThe

If we are spending Rs 2.5 crore in Mumbai or metro city, it reaches two in small town. Because the technology is exactly the same. Only the real situation makes a difference.

How to choose which city you want to open the screen

This decision was made after looking at both macro and micro data. What kind of movies are played in UP but what do the population of the city like to see. This is decided by looking at the micro-level data.

The most important question I want to ask you is that people think that watching movies in multiplexes is still very expensive.

The simple answer is that we are able to take the price you are able to pay. Companies with this business are listed on the market. Their data is in the public domain. If you look it is trading at 15 to 20 percent. The government helped us by reducing GST. Have fun with us the most here. The sword of LBT is hanging over us, no one ever talks about it.

No matter how much we collect taxes, we have always given tickets to MRP. The capital cost of making the film is the same here and abroad. But one thing we don’t talk about is that we have cheap movie tickets here. Although real world states are more expensive here than many countries in the world. In such a situation we have 3 thousand screens, the world is sitting at 50 to 60 thousand.


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