This song by Akshara Singh and Khesari Lal has stolen the hearts of the fans, this song will make you cry, will see you too

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This Bhojpuri song by Khesari Lal Yadav and Akshar Singh is from the hit film ‘A Balma Biharwala’. Thus, all the songs in this film are liked by the people. However, one of the songs was heard, this Raja Ji has received more love from the audience.

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Mumbai Khesari Lal Yadav is the superstar of Bhojpuri cinema, Akshara Singh is no less than the queen of Bhojpuri industry. And when the pair are together, whether it’s a movie or a song, it must rock, a superhit Bhojpuri video song of the two is seen a lot on YouTube these days. Although, this song is a bit old but nowadays it is quite popular among the viewers.

The lyrics of this romantic Bhojpuri song are ‘Suna A Raja Ji Suhag Wal Ratia’ (Suna A Raja Ji). Akshara Singh and Khesari Lal’s romantic and daring chemistry in the video has been much liked by the viewers. The romantic chemistry of the two of them in the song shocked the audience. Everyone likes this song

The most special feature of this song is the different incarnations of these two, where Khesari is seen without a beard on one side. On the other hand, the very bold style of the characters is visible. In this song, Akshar Singh plays Kabal in a red sari. The song is so popular that it has received 4,843,719 views on YouTube so far. This song is sung by Bhojpuri singer Mamata Rawat with her young father.


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