This is why Shah Rukh Khan turned down the role of DDLJ Raj, Aditya Chopra celebrated for three weeks and then signed on for the film.

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Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenz, the blockbuster film released in 1995, is 25 years old. The film proved to be a milestone for the careers of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajal, but did you know that initially both of them were not very enthusiastic about the film. Shah Rukh did not agree to play the role of Raj, but how did he agree? Let’s find out …

Shah Rukh did not want to do any romantic pictures

Film journalist Anupama Chopra’s book Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayange: Shah Rukh Khan was not interested in making the film according to a modern classic. He was not happy singing the ideas in the beautiful locality and later ran away with the girl.

At that time, Aamir and Salman were also falling in love and achieved success on the big screen. In such a situation Shah Rukh wanted to do something that made him feel that he was doing something different. That is why he refused to play the role of Raj in the film’s director Aditya Chopra. Aditya is upset to hear of Shah Rukh’s absence. He celebrated Shah Rukh quite a bit.

Aditya met Shah Rukh several times and the celebrations continued for three weeks. At one point, Aditya gave up hope that Shah Rukh would say yes to him, so he started thinking about Saif Ali Khan as Raj. During the Karan-Arjun shoot, Shah Rukh finally said yes to Adita in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and then he appeared in the role of Raj.

Kajal got Boring Simran

At the same time while talking about Kajal, he first found the boring character of Simran. In an interview, he said, “To be honest, at first I thought Simran was a bit annoying, but I recognized his abilities. I realized that we almost got a Simran in the corner of our heart that we know. He always has a desire in his mind to do the right thing.” ‘

“A lot of people are unable to get everything done right, but they certainly have the will to do it.” You want to accept it, you want to feel what your heart has accepted. You can feel from the heart that you are doing something good in the world. “


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