This is how Sai Manjrekar’s life changed after Dabang 3, see pictures

Q: How did you prepare for this role?
A: My happy character is very beautiful and innocent, I got involved in it a lot and it helped me to enter my character, because I am like him, I came in that character and Lord Sir, Salman Sir. And with Sonakshi’s help everything went normally. As the character began to understand better I began to understand his next steps and I knew what situations he would react to. This has made it all easier and simpler for me. I was able to adapt my character very well and explore different levels of it. To understand the UP language, I watched movies like ‘Nadia Ke Par’ and when I went to a remote village to shoot with my father, I also got help from those incidents. Lord Deva Sir also assisted me in this process and the whole team made me feel at home sitting on the set. (Photo courtesy – Instagram @SaymanJarekar)


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