This is how Bonnie Kapoor’s first meeting with Sridevi, read the whole story before marriage

Sridevi started believing in Bonnie Kapoor when Mr. India became a superhit, after which he did another film with Sridevi titled Churi Roop Ki Rani Raja, but the film was not a success, but during this film Sridevi lifted every tantra with a smile, which caused Sridevi was very impressed and the two became good friends. Later, while Bonnie Kapoor was parting ways with Sridevi, this time, Sridevi’s mother Rajeshwari’s health suddenly deteriorated and she had to be taken to America for treatment. In such a situation, Sridevi thought it appropriate to take Bonnie Kapoor to America and Bonnie Kapoor was always by Sridevi’s side as a family friend. Sridevi’s mother then died due to wrong treatment, then Bonnie Kapoor filed a case at the hospital and fought a long battle to recover the compensation.


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