These women appeared in Mirzapur 2 no less than anyone, see picture

New Delhi: After a long wait, the second season of the Mirzapur web series was released on Amazon Prime Video on the night of October 22nd. Guddu Pandit’s revenge, Munna Tripathi’s longing for the Mirzapur throne and Bhaiya Bhaiya’s political ambition … but this season’s story was fabricated. This time the dominance of women has been seen in the series.

The females are grown in the second season
If anyone has spent the second season, it’s the female characters who have given some dazzling twists and turns this season. Mirzapur 2 Although the arrogant and criminal legacy of the male character has progressed to the best and improved, the female characters have kept the courage and conspiracies to challenge this exploitative system. Through these characters the brutal system of Mirzapur has been deeply wounded. Whether it is Guddu’s revenge or Munna Tripathi’s political brother of Murna Tripathi or Kalin’s brother who became the king of Mirzapur, the female character has contributed to the success and failure of everyone.

Rosika Duggal is playing the role of Bina Tripathi
In particular, the character of Bina Tripathi i.e. Aklananda Tripathi i.e. wife of Kalin Bhaiya (Pankaj Tripathi) Rasika Duggal has come up in the second season. Binar’s silent revolt against the exploitation of Bahubali’s father-in-law Satyananda Tripathi (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) at home can be called the turning point of the big events of Mirzapur 2, as it is not complete without Guddu Pandit’s revenge.

Isha Shah Talwar has left her mark
At the same time, another character is Madhuri Yadav, who fell in love with the Chief Minister and Munna Tripathi (Divyendu) during the election campaign and the two got married. Later Madhuri became the Chief Minister. This character has shattered the carpet brother’s political ambitions. This character inspired Munna Tripathi to take the path of rebellion against her father. Actress Isha Shah Talwar has played the role of Madhuri.

Shweta Tripathi appeared as Golu Gupta
The third female character, who is important in Mirzapur 2, is Golu Gupta, played by Shweta Tripathi. Golu Gupta’s character also came from the first season. Golu is standing with Gudu to take revenge on Tripathi. Through Golu’s track, the characters of Dada Tyagi (Lilliput) and their twin son (Vijay Verma) get a reason to move on.

Through Guddu’s sister Dimpy’s track, Robin means the character identity of Radhe Shyam Agarwal, a Lucknow-based investor broker who invests and earns black money from crime. This character is played by Priyanshu Peniuli.
Actress Anangasha Biswas has done glamor work in Mirzapur. In this series, Anangasha has played the role of ‘Zarina’. In the second season, the character ‘Zarina’ brings a great twist to the series, which is worth watching.


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