Theaters have received assurances from the producers of Salman, Varun and Ranveer that the film will be released when it opens in theaters in Mumbai.

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  • Theaters have been assured by the producers of Salman, Varun and Ranbir that the movies will be released in Mumbai theaters and ticket prices will be reduced this time.

Amit Karna19 days ago

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  • Initially, the focus will be on big and 3D movies like ‘Bahubali’, ‘Shivaye’, ‘Tanhaji’.
  • Operators insist on opening theaters on Dussehra in Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, etc.
  • The pregnant woman has to bring food home to the theater, not the rest
  • Survey theaters will release romantic, comedy, horror, action movies accordingly.

The cinematographers have received assurances from the filmmakers featuring Salman Khan, Varun Dhawan and Ranveer Singh. If cinema halls are also allowed to open in Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Andhra Pradesh, their films will be released in theaters. Currently no permission has been obtained from the state government in these areas. In this case, the cinema operators of these places have held emergency meetings with the ministers of industry and culture of their respective states. It has been argued that when restaurants, malls and bars are allowed to open, why is the theater closed when it is open?

The Mumbai region alone accounts for 25 per cent of box office collections. Big budget films like Suryavanshi will not be able to recover their expenses and profits after not opening here. When there was no lockdown, the Maharashtra government allowed cinema halls to open 24 hours a day.

Older 3D movies will be shown at the beginning

Theaters will also initially bring in four-year-old five-year-old films, especially 3D-version films. For example, ‘Bahubali’, ‘Shivay’, ‘Tanhaji’ films are being surveyed in big cities besides films. As soon as the cinema is allowed to open, romantic, horror, action, comedy genres will be released in those cities according to the mood of the people. Where there is a demand for cult films, they will be released.

Kunal Swain, senior vice president of Carnival Scene Chain, also shared the cinematic preparations in an exclusive interview with Daily Bhaskar. “We are waiting for the government’s guidelines,” he said. So far we have got permission to open theaters in UP. Cinemas have also been allowed to open in Gujarat, Karnataka and Uttarakhand. We are talking to the chief ministers of other states.

Special benefits will be available at the cinema

I am thinking of reducing the ticket rate. We will give lots of offers to the customer. All theaters are training their staff about covid safety. Then they will be tested, the issue of seat cleaning will also be at war stage, all the food we are eating, we are placing new orders, making cash points at cash points, leg handles will be used to open doors.

Ticket prices will be lower

Three to four offers are being considered for tickets and meals. He will be given the responsibility on Tuesday. Tickets will also be rated very low. This is why the new big movie has not been released recently. The average ticket price will be 125 rupees. He will just continue to make movies and show through shows. However, the government did not allow the entertainment tax to be deducted. If there was a single popcorn for two and a half hundred rupees, now we will take out the combo. Because popcorn will no longer be shared. Small popcorn and cold drinks.

Scanning machines and sanitizers will be installed at the entrance gate

Trying new ways with cinematic entry. We are working on two types of machines. One is that the ticket will be scanned on the machine itself which will be sent to your mobile. The hassle of printing tickets will be over. The same machine will provide you with a scanner as well as a sanitizer. Guards will also be posted there. Including appropriate masks and gloves. Without a mask we wouldn’t even allow visitors.

The temperature in the theater will be controlled

Sanitizers will be everywhere. It will also touch the walls everywhere from the entrance to the cafeteria, washroom, box office, etc. Sanitizers will also be provided there. Theaters are also doing a lot of work on Fresh Air. We will also control the room temperature. More work is being done in the back office.


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