Theaters are starting months after October 15, Abhishek Bachchan said – this is the best news of the week

22 days ago

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The Unlock-5 guideline was released in Corona on Wednesday. The center has also approved the opening of cinema halls and multiplexes from October 15. Multiplexes, theaters and cinemas will be opened to accommodate 50% of the total capacity. The Center will issue SOP for this. B-Town celebrities are not happy with the news. Abhishek Bachchan first tweeted and called it the best news of the week.

The movies were not released in theaters after the March 13 release

The last film to be released in theaters this year was Irrfan Khan’s English Medium. Which was published on 13 March. Since then, about 35 films have been released on OTT. More than 50 films have announced OTT release dates in October. In such a situation, how many producers bring movies to theaters after the guidelines and how many on both platforms, it will be a big issue.

Paying compensation in 2020 is not easy

2019 was the best year for the Hindi film industry. About two and a half hundred films were released this year and all of them had a turnover of around Rs 5,600 crore. Not only that, in 1999, the top 19 films grossed more than Rs 100 crore at the box office, which came in 2019. Speaking of 2020, there is still a box office collection of around Rs 800 crore this year, which came down to the second week of March.

This was followed by a lockdown. Now with only four big pictures left to release in the four months of the year. In such a situation, there is a guarantee of huge loss at the box office.


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