The whole family of this hero ended on his birthday

New Delhi Today we are going to tell you the story of an actor whom you may forget. Today is his birthday, but this day proved to be the most painful day of his life. We are talking about the hero Kamal Sadnahar. The actor became very famous with the song ‘Tujhe Na Dekho To Chain’ from the movie ‘Rang’. In this beautiful song he was seen with Divya Bharati.

The family ended on his 20th birthday
190. Born on October 21, the actor’s life was ruined on his twentieth birthday. On this day, something happened in his life that destroyed his whole family. Kamal Sadana’s parents often had quarrels. The same thing happened on Kamal’s twentieth birthday, but this time the situation was out of control.

On Kamal’s twentieth birthday, his father, Bridge Sadana, shot his mother and sister. Bridge Sadana first shot his wife and daughter with his licensed gun. Both died on the spot. Bridge Sadana also shot himself after that.

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All this happened before Kamal’s eyes. This incident had a profound effect on his mind. After that, Padma was advised. Surprisingly, to this day, Kamal does not know why his father fired him.

He set foot on TV after the movie
Kamal Sadna’s first film ‘Bekhudi’. The film failed to do anything special at the box office. However, in his second film ‘Rang’, people liked him very much. Later this actor appeared in many films, but he did not get success like ‘Rang’ again.

He turned himself away from film yesterday and into television. Worked on ‘Kasam’ serial. He later tried his hand at management. He made the film ‘Karkash’ in 2007. Apart from this, the film ‘Roar’ was made in 2014, but that film did not work either.

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