The wedding date of Gowhar Khan-Zayed Darbar has been confirmed, this day will be the wedding

Gowhar Khan-Zayed Court. Photo courtesy – @ Gauharkhan / Instagram

Both Gauhar Khan and Zayed Darbar will tie the knot and give a new name to their relationship. The family of both has started preparations.

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  • Latest version:November 3, 2020, 1:17 pm IST

Mumbai Gowher Khan, the winning model and actress of Bigg Boss 7, is currently in talks with Ismail Darbar’s son Zayed Darbar, the famous ticket boss, and his relationship with marriage rumors. Huh. The pair were recently spotted on holiday in Goa after Bigg Boss 14 came out of the house. There was talk of the couple getting married on November 22, but the news is that they will get married in December, not November. For this they have chosen a special day.

Music composer Ismail Darbar recently approved the relationship between the two. According to an e-Times report, Gauhar Khan and Zayed Darbar will both tie the knot and give a new name. The couple is getting married on December 25.

In the report, a source close to the actress said that Gohar and Zayed were shortlisted to get married on December 25. The wedding ceremony will start from 22nd December. Only close friends and family members will be involved. All the wedding functions will be held in Mumbai and both the families have started preparations for it. Gauhar’s sister Nigar Khan and others will come to India alone to get married. According to another source, Gauhar and Zayed have already got engaged. Gauhar was also seen wearing a ring at the home of Bigg Boss 14. Recently, Gauhar also hosted a special function on Zayed’s birthday.


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