The user asked Shah Rukh Khan, ‘Are you selling your bungalow Mannat?’

New Delhi: Days on social media Shah Rukh Khan Talking to his fans, Shah Rukh still answered questions from his loved ones on Twitter during #AskRK. At the same time, this time a user raised a question that he got a very bad answer from the superstar.

In fact, every time Shah Rukh Khan’s social media chat session, some questions were asked about Bungalow Mannat. Because his house is in the most beautiful location in Mumbai, it is very attractive and expensive. It would not be wrong to say that Shah Rukh Khan’s bungalow Mannat is considered to be a landmark in Mumbai.

On Tuesday, Shah Rukh spoke to fans on #SSR, where one fan asked if he was selling vows. What happened then, Shah Rukh stopped answering this question very emotionally. Shah Rukh wrote, ‘Bhai Mannat is not sold, the head is searched. If you remember, you will be able to get something in life.

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This reply of Shah Rukh Khan is going viral on social media. People have again become confident about their reactions and intelligence.


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