The unique story of Kapil Sharma’s daughter told that Anaira understands Bengali better than Hindi-English

New Delhi Kapil Sharma works to bring smiles to the faces of people in the run-down world. He said something, his sense of humor like people laugh. That is why Kapil has been able to create his special place in the hearts of people today. People call him the king of jokes, no doubt about it.

Anaira is as cheerful as Kapil
Like Kapil, his beloved daughter Anaira is as cheerful as his father. Kapil narrated an interesting anecdote about Anayar in his show, knowing you can’t stop laughing at yourself. In fact Kapil told his fans that his daughter does not understand Hindi or English. He only understands Bengali. What happened then, Kapil’s fans started praising his daughter.

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Family matters
When Suresh Raina and his wife Priyanka were guests on Kapil Sharma’s show, the funny stories of the family were shared with laughter and humor. Kapil said that his daughter Anayara understands very little Hindi and English, but Bengali understands it the most.
Kapil said that people often speak Hindi, English or Punjabi at home but when we talk to Anayara in Bengali, his first reaction is.

Kapil explained the reason
Kapil’s reason is that Anira’s grandmother takes great care of him and loves him very much. Anira’s grandmother is Bengali, so she listens more to Bengali.
Hearing funny things about Kapil, Suresh started praising Raina and his wife Betty. Kapil often shares pictures with his daughter.

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