The TRP Race continues on TV, with unparalleled competition and horoscope luck, find out the top 5 shows

Anupama and Kundli Bhagya (Photo Credit – @ Rupaliganguli / @Saria12 / Instagram)

There has been a lot of competition on TV for a place on the TRP list among the many shows this week. This was followed by a fierce battle between Anupamay and Kundli Bhagya.

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Mumbai Nowadays many serials have great headlines on the small screen. New twists and turns are seen in each show to entertain the audience. This is why the TRP list is being seen on TV. In this list, there is a big change every week in the statistics of TV shows. However, there are only a few shows that have entered the top 5 at the same time, the No. 1 biggest competition was seen between the TV series ‘Anupamaya’ and ‘Kundli Bhagya’. Both struggle to reach number one every week, but viewers are desperate to find out who won this week.

This week’s top-5 according to TRP The show It is dominated by mother-in-law shows. Like last week, this time too, the battle of ‘Anupama’ and ‘Kundli Bhagya’ was fought to become No. 1 and this battle was won by ‘Anupama’. In other words, ‘Anupama’ got the highest TRP this week. At the same time, the second number on this list is of course ‘Kundli Bhagya’. These two shows are showing great twists these days. That is why it is getting a lot of visitors.

In addition to these two shows, ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ is at number three and ‘Chhota Sardarni’ is at number four. Also the only family comedy show in the top 5 is ‘Taraq Mehta Ka Oltah Chashma’, the show has recently turned 12 years on the TV screen. In addition to this, 3000 episodes have been completed recently.

But reality shows like Kaun Banega Millionaire 12 and Bigg Boss 14 still lag far behind in the list of TRPs. Talking about Bigg Boss 14, it is believed that now that the ‘Stormy Seniors’ are out of the house, its TRP could rise in the coming weeks.


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