The trolls made negative comments on the video of Amir’s daughter

4 days ago

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Ira Khan, who has been suffering from depression for the past four years, shared a post on Mental Health on Instagram. Many users have posted negative comments on this video of Ira. The IRA has warned all of them through their survey that if they do not agree, the IRA will not allow them to come to their post. Ira, 23, took part in the fight against depression on World Mental Health Day.

Getting advice on mental health videos
In another video, Ira told counselors that talking about my fight and reading people’s comments is my point of view. I know what I’m going to do. I’m working on it. But Ira sought people’s advice through a survey on Instagram. Then he came to a conclusion.

Ira had done a poll before
Ira asked in the survey whether my hateful comments should be deleted. On top of that, 56 percent of people advised them to do it. Ira then wrote – If you leave a negative comment on my post, I will delete it. But if this happens again, you will not be able to access my post.
In another post, Ira wrote that her post should have a Hindi subtitle otherwise 53% of people said they should have a Hindi subtitle alongside their posts.

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