The teaser of this Bhojpuri song by Chhaya Itish Pandey has been published on the internet

(Photo courtesy: Video Grab YouTube)

The teaser of Ritesh Pandey’s upcoming new song ‘Chunri Jhalakua 2’ has been released this morning from Hamesh Bhojpuri YouTube channel.

New Delhi. Bhojpuri Superstars Ritesh Pandey The teaser of the upcoming new song ‘Chunri Jhalakua 2’ has been released from the YouTube channel in Bhojpuri this morning and has set a new record within just a few hours of its release. The song ‘Chunri Jhalakua 2’ is sung by Ritesh Pandey himself in his melodic voice and in this song, Anjana Singh is trying to have a romance with him.

In the flower song, his flower-to-fun chemistry is seen. Bhojpuri fans have high expectations for this song. Ever since the teaser of this song was launched, Bhojpuri fans have been asking their question when their song will be released. Fans are very much looking forward to this song and everyone is hoping that this song will be released as soon as possible and everyone will be able to enjoy this song.

I tell you, the poster of this song by R Tesh Pandey was thrown away yesterday and as soon as the poster came out people started reacting and people quickly made this poster viral. However, the teaser of this song has received more than a million views in a few hours and the number of views is thus increasing.


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