The superhit song ‘Eta Shakti Hum Dena Daata’ was not received in exchange for writing, full payment or royalty was not available, was revealed in an interview

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  • In an interview, it was revealed that the song ‘Eta Shakti Hum Dena Data’ was not paid in full and it did not receive its royalties.

24 days ago

He wrote songs for films like ‘Sawan Ko Aane Do’ (1979), ‘Lal Chuda’ (1974), ‘Ankush’ (1986).

The famous lyricist died in Mumbai on Sunday night after a long illness. He was battling liver cancer and had been bedridden for the past 10 months amid financial constraints. Abhilasha is best known for his immortal song ‘Tai Shakti Hum Dena Data …’. The special thing is that he did not get full payment for this song till four years ago.

In an interview with Daily Bhaskar in December 2016, Avilas told the story behind writing this immortal song. He said, ‘This is 1985, when I got the film‘ Ankush ’as a lyricist. It was composed by Kuldeep Singh and produced by N. The moon

‘I gave 60-70 mouthpieces and all were rejected’

It had a total of 4 songs, which I had to write. I wrote two songs – ‘Uper Wala Keya Mangega Hum Se Koi Hisab …’ and ‘Aya Maja Dil Dara …’, which were recorded. But in the third song, when n. Chandra said to write the prayer, then I would give 4-5 mukhadas every day and he refused them. While doing this, I gave 60-70 mouthpieces for two and a half to two months and they all refused.

‘Trouble, I said – I don’t film’

Eventually I got upset, then I said I didn’t want to do the picture at all. Leave me alone I am not such a great writer. Write it with someone else. After saying this I got out of the flat. Then I was accompanied by music composer Kuldeep Singh. They explained a lot to me, so I said what to do! You are not making any interesting choices.

‘The way Kuldeep explained, then two words were found’

All right, it’s evening. Kuldeep left Juhu in his car and came to Kandivali. Explaining on the way, he said – you are a dilemma – you have a lot of power – why you are weak. Explaining this, two words stuck in my mind – strength and weakness. Then I wrote to Kuldeep, ‘Give me so much strength, faith in the giver’s mind is not weak …’, then he said that he has become vocal.

N. Chandra said as soon as she heard the face – this is what she wanted

He returned to Juhu, where n. Chandra and Nan Patekar were sitting. When they reached him, they were amazed at how they came back. Okay, when he told them ‘give me so much strength …’, after talking for a moment, he said it was what I needed

The song trembled, but I didn’t even get paid

However, a splash was made by recording the song. For this, I received the ‘Kalashree’ award in 1987 by Gianni Zail Singh. Not only that, a total of 30-40 awards including ‘Dadasaheb Phalke’ award have been received. That’s why I’ve got so many names and jobs. But the biggest thing is that I haven’t paid for it yet.

Chandra started shouting tomorrow, come the day after tomorrow

Its producer-director N. Chandra told me to come the next day, the day after tomorrow… I stopped asking for money. More importantly, to this day I don’t even get royalties for this song. Mr. Javed Akhtar raised the issue in the Rajya Sabha with the example of my name. Copyright law has also been passed after many battles, but it is not known why royalties are not available today.

(As he told Umesh Upadhyay in an interview in December 2016)


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