The singer, who questioned his son’s upbringing, said – his mother John Kumar Sanu had a good upbringing

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Kumar Sanu’s son Jan Kumar Sanu, who went on Bigg Boss Season-14, got involved in the controversy. After giving his speech on Marathi language, his father Kumar Sanu questioned his upbringing and shook his ex-wife Rita. Kumar Sanu has now reversed his statement. He said that John Kumar Sanu was well taken care of by his mother. As a mother she did everything she could.

Protected son
According to the news on Itaimes TV, Kumar Sanu said- My son Jan is a very good person in real life. He was very helpful in nature, but the situation created in the house of Bigg Boss put him under pressure. In such situations and stress you often say things that you do not say in real life. At the moment he is very young in many ways.

What was the control of life
A video of Kumar Sanu’s son Jan Kumar Sanu went viral on social media. In it, he gave a controversial speech about Marathi language. He told a Bigg Boss contestant not to speak Marathi and said he was upset. However, he later apologized for his remarks. In it, Kumar Sanu said that his wife and son have not been living with him for 27 years. The statement given by John Kumar Sanu shows how his mother raised him.

Rita was divorced for months after Kumar got divorced
If we talk about Kumar Sanu and Rita’s relationship, they divorced in 1994. Rita was then months pregnant. Kumar divorced Rita and married Saloni Sahu. Saloni and Kumar have two daughters. After Big sat down, Jan revealed that Rita had given him the love of both parents after the divorce.


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