The secret of a happy married life: Genelia D’Souza says – I fight Ritesh only when I want to because he never does anything

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15 minutes ago

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Genelia and Itesh Deshmukh have been married for years. The two had been in a relationship for 10 years before that. Genelia de Souza has published a funny piece of information about her smooth married life. “The whole credit goes to it, because we fight when I want to fight,” he said.

Genelia added that there was a time when the two never spoke in public. Significantly, the two were married in 2012 and have two sons, Ryan and Rachel.

The rhythm of communication was found
Genelia said – I want to give Ritesh a compliment that he never issues anything. We do not fight. Fight whenever I want. They never get involved in anything when I want it to happen sometimes because I’m a different kind of person but they let me stay that way. I think we’ve got a mode of communication.

Try to ask the kids too
Genelia spoke in an interview with Pinkvilla – at first we don’t talk to each other about our issues. But then we started doing it when we found out why we were upset. Later it did not happen again and the same thing proved to be more effective for our relationship. In addition to these we try to include children in our lives. We go on trips together.

Genelia is ready to return
Genelia added that their relationship, like other couples, fluctuates. It is a part of life. We also know our priorities and put out the things we need. Speaking of Genelia, who has not had a major film since 2012, she said it kept her back in the film. She was busy raising her children and now she is ready to come back.


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