The romantic couple of Arvind Akela Kallu and Sonalika is coming again

New Delhi: Bhojpuri movies Arvind Akela Kallu (Arvind Akela Kallu) and Sonalika Prasad (Sonalika Prasad) hit the silver screen again. Sonalika Prasad, who entered the Bhojpuri film ‘Rajnilak’ with imagination, has recently finished shooting a film with Kallu.

Sonalika’s pairing with Kallu is going to shine on the silver screen again. The name of this Bhojpuri film has not been decided yet. The shooting of this film by Nimata Nasir Jamal and director Kiran ended last month in Hyderabad.

Sonalika Prasad is very excited to work with Kallu again. Sonalika also considers Kallu as her best co-artist.

He said, ‘Besides being a great musician and actor, he is also a very good person and co-star of the cooperative. My role in this film is also quite different and it has a lot of films which will be a complete experience for the audience of Bhojpuri.

Regarding the upcoming films, he said that Raju Singh Mahi has three films opposite ‘Sadak’, ‘Dhania’ and ‘Bhrant’. His upcoming films are ‘Robin Hood Pandey’ with Ritesh Pandey, ‘Big Mia Chhota Mia’ with Ravi Kishan, ‘Joy Mia Jagdish’ with Ravi Kishan and Raju Singh Mahi.

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