The NRI husband cheated on the actress, Uberkar Neha Bansal wrote a book about girls

Actress Neha Bansal.

Each time, the girls tell different stories in Neha Bansal’s book ‘Ek Undekha Sach’. After reading this, I think how many people are there in our society? His dirty thoughts and misguided mentality have also been revealed.

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  • Latest version:October 29, 2020, 11:24 pm IST

Mumbai Actress Neha Bansal is now trying to recover from the betrayal of her American NRI husband Vijay Thackeray. He has introduced those untidy aspects of Bar Balas through a book ‘Ek Andhekha Sach’. It has stories that will amaze people. Neha Bansal’s book is available on Amazon, from where ordinary readers can download and read this book.

This book by Neha Bansal is not fiction, but it is the real story of Bar Balas, which will make your hair stand on end after reading. This book will introduce the life of the children of that time from which the common man is still unknown. Neha Bansal did a lot of research before writing this book. During this research, she became so emotional that she went to many dance bars in the country and abroad to meet the girls of different stories about coming to the dance bar.

Before researching the dance bar, Neha Bansal’s attitude towards her was quite wrong, but when she met him, her sadness, pain and her compulsion changed her attitude towards him a lot. Each time the girls have a different story of their own, which makes me wonder how many people there are in our society? His dirty thoughts and misguided mentality have also been revealed.

Touching information about Sonia Gandhi and NehruNeha Bansal also has a number of surprising experiences during her research. He has published it in his book. During this research, he got shocking information about Sonia Gandhi. At the same time they also got amazing information about the birthplace of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Neha Bansal’s book ‘Undiscovered Truth’ which is adorned with all sorts of obsolete aspects of this kind, is available on Amazon.


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