The NCB again sent a summons to Deepika Padukone director, who did not appear last time

New Delhi: Maitri Karisma Prakash, the director of Deepika Padukone (Deepika Padukone), has not yet appeared before the NCB. For this reason, NCB has to be summoned again. This time, NCB has sent summons to Karisma’s mother Mitakshar Purohit and Koan Talent Management.

The NCB has summoned Karisma’s mother as she gave her mother’s address. In addition, he works for the Kwan Talent Company. The direct meaning of sending a summons is that the Quan Talent Company informs Charisma about the summons, so that this time Charisma can be presented.

Let the NCB send Karisma a summons in October, but she has not yet appeared. The NCB wants to interrogate him in the drug case.

In fact, Cowan is a celebrity management company that provides talent managers to various celebrities. Karisma works for Kwan and through this she has made Deepika Padukone a director. Karisma Jaya Saha is a junior in Koan Talent Management. Let me tell you that earlier Jaya Saha also managed Sushant Singh through Kwan Talent Management Company.

Let’s find out whatsapp messages of some more Bollywood stars were published during the NCB investigation. It also included the names of some actresses. There is talk of taking drugs in the chat. This WhatsApp message will be investigated shortly.

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