The Mumbai NCB chief said, “Pictures are still pending. My friend, if necessary, other celebrities will be summoned and interrogated.”

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  • Mumbai NCB chief Sameer Wankhade said, “Picture Avi Baki Hai Mere Dost, NCB is here and will continue to send summons to other celebrities.”

Amit Karna, Mumbai24 days ago

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The Bureau of Narcotics Control (NCB) will continue its probe into drug links with Bollywood and will continue to summon Bollywood stars if necessary. Mumbai NCB chief Samir Wankhade said this while trying to clarify the situation. In fact, the news had been circulating in the media since Monday morning that the NCB team had returned to Delhi and no more Bollywood stars would be questioned. Samir clarified the matter.

“The picture is still there, my friend is here and the NCB will continue to send summons to others,” he said. He said, ‘Only Rakesh Asthana G, the head of the company, has gone to Delhi. The rest of the team is in Mumbai and it is not going anywhere. He is going to set up camp here.

We will continue to issue summons

He added, “As the investigation continues, we will continue to issue summonses this week. Today, however, we cannot say who and how many will be summoned. It is not planned. Wankhade defended.

We are not just targeting women

Samir said, ‘Why do people think that NCB is only targeting women? That’s not right. One of the 18 arrests so far is a woman. Everyone else matches. Intentional contracts were not called for in the case of drugs. We call anyone who works NDPS Violet. “

We are now examining the statement

He further said, ‘The question is whether we are going to file a case against Deepika and Shraddha. Whatever his statement, we are implementing it. He is there. The rest of the media leaked that Deepika cried or laughed, it should be asked to the leaker.

No celebrity clean chit

If sources are to be believed, the NCB has not yet given a clean chit to all the celebrities they have questioned. Also, 20 high-profile drug peddlers are on the radar of the investigating agency on Shraddha Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, Rakul Preet Singh and Deepika Padukone’s mobile phones have also been seized to back up the data.

Karan Johar’s party video is perfect

A viral video of Karan Johar’s party was also discussed at the NCB meeting. Sources revealed that the forensic report of the video was received by the investigating agency and it was clarified that the video is perfect without any six la.

It is claimed that drugs were used at the party held at Karan Johar’s house in 2019. But Karan has denied it many times. He added in his recent official statement, “I do not use or promote drugs. The things that are being said about me and my family, colleagues and religion production are bound.” Huh. “


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