The movie ‘Mato Ki Saikal’ starring Prakash Jha will be screened at the Busan Film Festival

Director and actor Prakash Jha in the movie ‘Mato Ki Saikal’. (Photo: Bushan International Film Festival YouTube)

In the film ‘Matto’s Bicycle’, filmmaker and actor Prakash Jha plays the role of Mato, a daily laborer and Mato’s family wants to buy a bicycle for his journey.

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New Delhi. Filmmaker M. Ghani, thrilled with his first film, Mator’s Bicycle, says the story is based on people whose struggles are usually ignored by society. The film stars filmmaker and actor Prakash Jha as Mator, a daily laborer. And Mato’s family wants to buy a bicycle for his ride.

The film will be screened worldwide on Friday in the ‘Window on Asian Cinema’ section of the Busan International Film Festival. Gani, a resident of Mathura in Uttar Pradesh, said there was a strange resemblance between the film’s protagonist and the workers who were forced to leave their big city and return home during the lockdown.

The 45-year-old filmmaker told PTI in an interview: “We are surrounded by people who were forced to return home barefoot during the epidemic. When we build houses, they work, the things we use for our daily needs. Make, but we never pay attention to this kind of people.

M. “When we saw a large number of people returning to their homes barefoot on the television screen, we realized the struggle of his life,” Gani said. Prior to entering feature film production, Gani worked in several short films and documentaries.

The film director said that people like Mato are all around us, but their stories are ignored by society. When Gani thought about producing this film, he felt that now people probably don’t use the bike, but when they study, they feel wrong about themselves.

Gani said, ‘Shopkeepers told me that even today, bicycles are sold more than motorcycles and scooters. There has been little change, but their sales have not declined. There are a lot of people here who are still dependent on bicycles. Bicycles are an integral part of his life but we have ignored this reality. That is why such stories are all around us. All the characters in this film are based on real life people.


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