The lawyer threatened to rape Kangana on social media

Mumbai: Actress Kangana Ranaut has received threats of rape on social media after she got involved in a debate with the Maharashtra government over the Sushant Singh Rajput case. Kangana made a post about the FIR filed against her in Mumbai, in which she commented that Odisha’s lawyer had threatened to rape her.

The account has been claimed to have been hacked
Seeing the intensity of the dispute, the lawyer first talked about the hacking of his Facebook account and then deleted it. The accused lawyer wrote in his last post, ‘My Facebook ID has been hacked this evening and some abusive comments have been posted from him. I don’t think of any women or community. I mourn and apologize for this. I urge all people to please forgive me and forgive me ‘.

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Demand for arrest
People on social media targeted the accused lawyer for making such remarks against Kangana. Some people have also demanded the arrest of the accused from Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. The lawyer probably did not expect this dispute to escalate so much. So after the matter was caught, he deleted his Facebook account.

Kangana wrote it
In fact, Kangana made a post as soon as Navratri started, so that she also noticed Shiv Sena in Maharashtra when people were asked about Navratri fasting. He wrote in his post, ‘Who is fasting Navratri, clicked picture in today’s Navratri festival, I am also fasting. I have already received another FIR. In Maharashtra, Pappu’s army sees nothing but me. Don’t miss me, I’ll be there soon. ‘ Commenting on this post, the lawyer threatened to rape Kangana.


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