The High Court reprimanded the BMC – you are too fast, why do you need your time; The actress said – the court thought so, my tears came

A month ago

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  • Court position – you (BMC) showed up very fast when it came to taking action, when it comes to answering, you are showing laziness
  • Kangana tweeted – Hon’ble High Court, thank you for healing my wounds, I got back what I lost

The Bombay High Court on Thursday heard Kangana Ranaut’s appeal against BMC. The actress made this appeal against the sabotage in Office Manikaranika Films. The court said during the hearing that the demolished property could not be left as it is. There will be a hearing tomorrow. During the hearing, the bench scolded BMC that you are too fast, but why do you need more time

BMC and Raut should present their side next week

During the hearing of the case, a bench of Justice SJ Kathwala and Justice RI Chagla said that you (BMC) took action during the monsoon. In this case, the hearing could not be postponed any further. When it came to taking action, you showed great speed. Laziness is being shown when it comes to answering. Someone’s house is broken into. We can’t let that structure stay that way in the rainy season. The counsel for the petitioner will be able to present his case in this case from tomorrow i.e. 25th September.

The bench then directed the BMC officer and Sanjay Raut to appear before the court by next Tuesday, September 29. Sanjay Raut was represented by his lawyer Pradeep Thorat.

Earlier, during a hearing on Tuesday, September 22, the Bombay High Court had said that the officer who had ordered the bulldozer and Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut had been directed to join the actress’ office. Sanjay Raut’s ‘raised’ statement on behalf of Kanjana was given a CD during the hearing in the High Court, after which the High Court passed the order.

‘I have tears’

Kangana tweeted, ‘Honorable High Court, I have tears in my eyes. My house is raining in Mumbai. You thought so much about my broken home, that’s enough for me. Thank you for healing my wounds. I got back everything I lost. ‘

The office was demolished on 9 September

On September 9, Beymak demolished Kangna’s property in the Pali hills as an illegal construction. Kangana then filed an application in the High Court against Biamaki seeking compensation. The order issued by the High Court has also made Sanjay Raut an officer.

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