The good news: Netflix will be able to watch for free, testing one weekend

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The OTT platform is offering free subscriptions to users before taking on the Netflix service. The company will present these two-day trials under Stream Fest.

New Delhi. If you are looking to subscribe to the OTT platform Netflix, there is good news for you. If you do not have a Netflix subscription, the company is offering a free subscription. In fact, Netflix has come up with a very special gift for its users, under which users can take advantage of free steaming on Wi-Cand. The company will offer this under Stream Fest. But this is only for two days.

Offers start December 4th
According to a report by India Today, Netflix has made this offer only for Indian customers and it will start from December 4. This promotional offer will be called Streamfest. It is noteworthy that Netflix is ​​offering the first trial of one month, but recently the company has canceled the one month trial offer.

Only available on Vicand The company has announced the offer to bring more people to its platform, the report said. If you don’t have Netflix, you can watch two days of free series or movies on Netflix. According to the company, this offer will only be available on weekends. In addition to weekends, if you want to enjoy video streaming on Netflix, you need to take a subscription.

Payment details are not required

However, the company has not yet announced when this free service will start. According to the report, users may have to wait until December. It is also reported that free subscriptions to new users in the United States will be discontinued for one month after the arrival of Streamfest. The good thing with the Streamfest promotional offer is that you don’t have to provide credit card or other payment details.


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