The good news: 15 years after the divorce, Pooja Bedi got engaged to her boyfriend at the age of 48, read

The actress who set foot in the Bollywood film ‘Joe Jita Ohi Sikander’ is going to get married again. Yes, after parting ways with Farhan Furniturewala on 14 February 2003, Pooja Bedi got engaged to her long time boyfriend Manek Contractor on 14 February 2019 after 14 years. The actress kept her engagement ceremony very private. Where a few members of the family took part.

Pooja Bedi spoke of her engagement in an exclusive interview with the Bombay Times. Pooja said, “Manek and I know each other from boarding school know he was 3 years senior to me but we were not good friends. We had many common friends. Last year, he started his new venture in Goa and I met him there. Was.

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Pooja further said that Manek is very close to my kids. Where they are taking them with me too and we have decided to live like family. This time is very special for me. Because on the one hand my son is studying abroad. On the other hand, my daughter Alia is going to set foot in Bollywood with furniture. At the same time, a new partner came into my life.


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