The first song of ‘Lakshmi Boma’, ‘Burj Khalifa’ was released, Akshay Kumar came to the trolls target as the likes / dislikes button was off

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  • The first song of Lakshmi Boma movie, Burj Khalifa has been released, Akshay Kumar has trolled due to it being closed like dislike button

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Akshay Kumar will soon be seen in Lakshmi Boma. Recently, the trailer of this movie has been released, where the family of Akshay Priya alias Kaira, who played the role of Asif, is seen celebrating. At the time of the trailer’s release, there was a lot of trolling linking it to profit jihad, which is why the producers switched the Like and Dislike button from the trailer. Now the first song of this film, Burj Khalifa has also been released where fans are intensely trolling Akshay Kumar after seeing the disliked button off.

Lakshmi Bomb’s song Burj Khalifa is a dance song that some users have described as the best dance number of the year. Kiara and Akshay have a great dance in the song. The melody and voice of the song is happy and serene. The lyrics are written by Gagan Ahuja. The song has received over 51 lakh views since its release.

Akshay Kumar trolled on Twitter

Like the trailer, the dislike button for the Burj Khalifa song has also been turned off. Before the song was released, one of Akshay’s fans wrote, Kal Burj Khalifa is releasing, the lyrics and melody of this song are very interesting catch please don’t remove the life and dislike button from the song, at least believe in Akshay’s star power.

Re-posting the song after its release, one user wrote, ‘Akshay Kumar doesn’t believe in his own star power’.

Another user wrote while getting angry, ‘Stop liking and dislike. Bollywood’s biggest name ‘


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