The first Aditya said – there is only 18 thousand rupees left in the account, the news has gone viral, the father and son have explained it – the statement was made in a funny way

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Aditya Narayan, 33, the son of famous singer Udit Narayan, has also sung in many films like ‘Dil Bechara’ and ‘Goliano Ki Rasila: Ram Leela’.

  • The TV host said in an interview – my savings have been spent on lockdown
  • Aditya Narayan recently announced his marriage to Shweta Agarwal

An interview with Aditya Narayan is going viral in the media, where he talks about his bankruptcy. He said that his savings in the lockdown have been exhausted and only Rs 18,000 is left in his account. Not only that, Aditya also said that if he doesn’t work from October, he will have to sell his face to survive. When the news went viral, Aditya and his father Udit Narayan clarified in a conversation with the daily Bhaskar. If he believes, Aditya made this statement jokingly.

‘I couldn’t stop laughing after reading the news’

Udit Narayan says- If I got the news of my son going bankrupt, believe me my smile is not stopping. Aditya is the top anchor of our country. How can he lack money? He has made a lot of money, there is no question of bankruptcy. Things spread in the age of social media.

It may be that Aditya has said something different and someone has written something else. My son is doing very well in his career and his father is still alive when something goes very low. What I have achieved by working hard in life is for Aditya.

‘How can a girl be harmed if she reads the news?’

Udit says more Aditya is going to get married in the first week of December. After reading this kind of news, think about the impact it will have on the girl and her family. They will refuse to marry. How can he take responsibility for his daughter when Aditya has no money.

See, my son never told me or his mother anything meaningful. He has a lot of work to do. It can’t happen that he doesn’t have money. I was surprised to hear all this. I hope people don’t take it seriously.

Aditya said – I said in a funny way

Aditya Narayan admits that he talked about his bankruptcy in a funny way and he does not know that it will be published in this way. They say- My phone has been calling since this news came. Many people are coming forward to help me.

I just want to say that there is no truth in this news. In an interview about a month ago, I talked about the problems that the general public is facing because of the lockdown.

In that conversation I must say that we celebrities are also being harmed by the lockdown. We are also having difficulty getting jobs. Humorously – I jokingly told them I had too little money in my account. I have to pay home EMIO. I am also bankrupt. I didn’t know it would be so big.

I’m going to get married a month later. I can’t even think of talking like that. My career is going great with the above blessings and I have no shortage of money at the moment.

What is Aditya’s full statement in the viral interview?

Speaking to Bollywood Bubble, Aditya said- If the government goes ahead with the lockdown, people will start starving. My entire savings are over. The money that I have invested in mutual funds, I have completely withdrawn to survive.

No one thinks I won’t work for a year. No one plans like that. If you are not a millionaire. Therefore, there is no alternative. I have only 18 thousand rupees left in my account.

If I don’t start work in October, I won’t have any money. I need to sell my bike or something else. It’s very difficult. In the end you have to make some difficult decisions. When you make a difficult decision, there will be a certain group of people who will say that this decision is wrong.

Recently announced marriage

Aditya Narayan recently announced his and Shweta Agarwal’s marriage. He told an English news website: I met Shweta on the set of ‘Cursed’. At first sight we begin to like each other.

Gradually I realized that I had feelings for him. After that I started talking to him. At first he just wanted to be friends. Because at that time we were very young and we needed to focus on our careers. (Read full news)


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