The filmmakers say – we work with actors because of talent, not how they use their personal time.

Amit Karna, Mumbai24 days ago

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Bollywood actresses Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan and Shraddha Kapoor have been named in a drug case following the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, though they are gaining the support of people in the industry. Many filmmakers have denied the allegations leveled against them, saying the Bollywood fraternity is under the control of the drug Dragle. He termed all such allegations as baseless and limitless.

Ramesh Taurani, who co-produced ‘Race 2’ with Deepika Padukone, said in two words, ‘Someone like the Drugs Cartel or Pablo Esobar is controlling us, these are all fabrications and ridiculous allegations. We have been working for decades and I claim that no one else can replace it. The rest of the investigating agency is very professional, they will discover the truth. I will continue to work with Deepika. ‘

Actor Ramesh Taurani.

Actor Ramesh Taurani.

Kabir Khan said rubbish

Kabir Khan said, ‘It is a matter of common sense. Could it be so? It is a matter of consideration. These things are complete rubbish. ‘

Actress Kabir Khan.

Actress Kabir Khan.

All the allegations are unimaginable

“I’ve been in the industry for the last 20 years,” said Nidhi Parmar, who created ‘Bull’s Eye’ with Tepsi and Land. I’ve never heard such nonsense that the cartel has control over other talent companies like Cowan. Also, talent companies are so influential that they interfere in the work of every producer. This is a very strange allegation. Which is unimaginable. “

‘If this happens, no new actors, directors or producers will enter the industry. They cannot be established. The question is whether it is possible to take medicine. It can be for addiction or entertainment. The rest I don’t even think or know if the drug cartel or the mafia is really running our industry.

Nidhi Parmar.

Nidhi Parmar.

Manufacturers are meant for talent only

According to Patel, co-founder of G Studios, “Drugs will be controlled by mafias, it’s a little weird to think so.” Second, producers are meant by the talents of the actors, not by their habits. Unless the actors are doing their job properly on the set, then what is the problem with the producers if we start making our decisions from social media trolls, a move will not work.

Such allegations are mostly foolish.

Pritish Nandi said, ‘Drugs cartel is bad. This is not the case. A few may be used but no parallel system is working in the industry. How can we think that? The question of working with three actresses, I will definitely work with Deepika, Shraddha and Sara. Because I respect him for his talent, not for how he uses his personal time. My own experience is that most of these allegations are usually stupid. “

All of these drugs are legal in many countries

‘Bollywood should ignore the bad things and go back to work. Millions of people have to earn to feed their families and spend rent. They have no connection with drugs. And the drugs against which all these allegations are being made are drugs that are legal in most parts of the world.

Pritish Nandi

Pritish Nandi

Trade scholars also have their questions. In other words, if drugs are mafia, then why NCB was not carrying out violence for so many years. Were they all waiting for Sushant’s death, then all the secrets were revealed. There is also a conspiracy to malign Bollywood.


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