The film will be released live on TV in Gulshan-e-Dewaiya and Sagarika Ghat to appear in the psychological crime thriller Foot Fell.

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  • Psychological crime thriller ‘Foot Ferry’ will be seen at Gulshan Debaiya and Sagarika Ghat, the film will be broadcast live on TV

A month ago

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And the films have also entered the realm of original movie production. This includes his first psychological film ‘Foot Ferry’. Through this, Chak De India fame Sagarika is returning to Ghatge and Gulshan Debaiya will be seen opposite her.

The movie is being released directly on satellite, not movies or digital. The plot of the movie is based on ‘Cat and Mouse Chase’ between a CBI officer and a superstitious serial killer. Gulshan is in the role of a CBI officer.

Speaking about the film, Sagarika Ghatge said, ‘Psychological thrillers have always fascinated me because of their immersive experiences. It keeps you interested. It also arouses your curiosity about what will happen now. You, the mind, are trying to solve this mystery within you, which connects you to such a story and forms a part of it.

Speaking on the occasion, Gulshan Dewaiya said, “We have given two months to prepare for our role. So that we can enter into our characters. I am in the role of a CBI officer. Due to the current conditions regarding live TV releases and CBI, we will be able to reach more viewers


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