The film ‘Tale of the Rising Queen’ won an international award and gave India a name

The entire shooting of Rising Queen’s Tale Off has been done in Mathura and Hatras.

The entire shooting of the film ‘Tale of Rising Queen’ has been done in Mathura and Hatras.

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Winning eight awards at the Mumbai Film Festival at home and abroad, ‘Tale of the Rising Queen’ has enhanced India’s prestige around the world with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Save Betty, Read Betty’ campaign. It is to be noted that the film ‘Tale of Rising Rani’ written and composed by Prakash Saini has been produced by Ashok Kumar Sharma under the banner of Strips Entertainment LLP. The story of this film revolves around a girl child with the thoughts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in mind. He faced the whole system for the trial of his cousin under the idea of ​​’Save Betty, Read Betty’.

The philosophy of rural India is in its background. Where these events go unnoticed. Due to which girls do not get justice. Based on true events and an unjust panchayat system, the film shows how an innocent life and the life of an innocent girl are torn apart by the evil thoughts of society. The specialty of the film is that the real people have played the real characters. The film has been officially screened at various film festivals.

The film has won Indy Mem Film Festival Austin, 53rd World Fest Houston, London Independent Film Awards, World Film Carnival Singapore, Onyx Film Awards Italy awards. London was the semifinal at the Greek Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival Awards. It was also officially selected at the New York City Independent Film Festival, the Columbia Film Arts Festival, and the International Film Festival. All in all, the film has garnered much acclaim on festival circuits around the world. The entire shooting of the film ‘Tale of Rising Queen’ has been done in Mathura and Hatras. Bollywood actor Anil Yadav has also acted in the film. Who has acted in tricks, deadly and various films.

Many children also showed talent in the film. Artists like Mahesh Saini, Stuti Agarwal, Parul, Gaurav Sharma, Sachin, Sunil, Pankaj, Chichi from Mumbai have done a great job. Many of the actors in this film are from Mathura, Hatara who have made their city famous. The award-winning film has proudly raised India’s head on the world stage.


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