The famous actress role of ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ is coming back on TV, will surprise the fans

New Delhi: The actress became famous in every house from the TV serial ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ Introduction Gurung Will be appearing on a new show very soon. He said in an interview that he is very excited and happy for the new show. He also talks about his music video ‘Ik Vari’.

Nimki Sardar became famous through the show
Back on TV, Bhumika Gurung said, “Yes, I signed a show but at the moment I can’t tell you much about it. You’ll find out after Diwali. I was playing some roles that my fans might like because after Nimki Expectations have risen.Bhumik Gurung has not had much time in the industry yet and he has a good time to create his own identity.The actress is also seen to be ready for it.

Piyush will return with Satyadeva
Bhumika Gurung further says, ‘I spent some time and got the show in my opinion and this show on TV will be something different that fans will love. We are really excited about it. However, the name of the role show has not been revealed yet, but it has been reported that the opposite actor will be Piyush Sachdev.

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