The director told the whole story of the director’s second marriage to the physiotherapist

Film director Prabhudev.

Prabhudev (Prabhudev) is married to Dr. Himani again as the director from Badas King of dance. The Lord’s back and legs were stretched because of the uninterrupted dancing. After that, the proximity of both increased during physiotherapy.

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Mumbai From the danceless king to the director, he has traveled to the market to speculate about Prabhudev’s (Prabhudev’s) second marriage. There is a lot of speculation about their marriage in the corridors of Bollywood. There have been reports in the media that he is going to marry his niece, but these reports were completely false. After this rumor, the news of Prabhu’s marriage with physiotherapist Dr. Himani came. Now the whole news of their marriage has come out.

According to the Times, Prabhu is married to Dr. Himani. He lives in Sakinaka, Mumbai. The Lord’s back and legs were stretched because of the uninterrupted dancing. To overcome this, Prabhudev underwent physiotherapy with Dr. Himani. Prabhudev and Himani grew closer during physiotherapy.

During the lockdown, the two went to Chennai together in March and were in a 2-month live-in relationship there. After that, the two decided to get married and only got married in May. Prabhu was married at his home in Chennai. Due to the lockdown, very few people are believed to have attended her wedding.

After marrying Prabhudev, Dr. Himani met his father-in-law twice in Mysore. When contacted, Prabhu’s brother Raju Sundaram said, “We are very happy with our brother’s (Prabhu’s) marriage.” Lord’s first wife’s name was Ramlata. They had 3 children from their first marriage, but one of their children died of cancer. She is now married to Dr. Himani.


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