The ‘Dil Diya Galan’ singer has shared her horrific experience, having been sexually abused many times

New Delhi: Singers of songs like ‘Jag Ghomaya’, ‘Dil Diyan Galan’ and ‘Chasani’ Neha Vasin Remember, they have been sexually harassed many times so far. He talks about his personal life in an interview. According to him, when he was ten years old, he was molested by a stranger in Haridwar.

Sexual abuse at age 10
During the interview, Neha Vasin said, ‘I was 10 years old then. My mother was standing away from me at Haridwar, one of the religious places in the country. Suddenly a man came and put a wrong finger behind me. I ran away in surprise. Recalling another incident, Neha said that a few years later a man put a wrong hand in a hall above my chest. I remember these events clearly. I thought it was my fault. Now people come to social media and start torturing others emotionally, physically, mentally and religiously. I consider it as faceless terrorism.

Threatened to rape and kill
Neha Vasin recalls the cyber threat that she once received threats of rape and murder by K-Pop band fans. He said, ‘These started until I supported another singer’s scene. I didn’t comment on the K-Pop band. Just saying that I am not a fan of this perticular band. I was then trolled. I was raped and threatened with death. I’ve seen it all. I am no longer silent, I am also complaining to the police.

There is also talk against cyber bullying
Neha believes that such incidents inspired her to create the song ‘Kahande Rahende’, which is against cyber threats. The purpose of the track is to highlight the stereotypes of slavery, shame, sexuality, cyber bullying and society towards women. Neha says, ‘No one should tolerate mistakes. You should raise your voice against injustice.


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