The court has directed an FIR against Kangana Ranaut for insulting farmers

Kangana Ranaut – Photo courtesy – @ Kangana Ranaut / Instagram

Kangana Ranaut had a tweet about the farmers’ protest. Kangana Ranaut has faced serious allegations over this tweet. With this, a court in Karnataka (Karnataka court) has directed to register an FIR.

Mumbai Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is in the discussion for one reason or another. Kangana has been seen giving her opinion on every issue in the country from the industry through social media. At the same time, Kangana may be given an opinion on such a matter. Recently, news is coming that there is an objection to a tweet made by Kangna. Kangana’s tweet was about the farmers’ protest. Due to which Kangana is being accused of insulting the farmers. Not only that, a court in Karnataka has directed to register an FIR against Kangana.

According to media reports, a court in Tumkur, Karnataka, on Friday Kangana “A court in Karnataka has ordered the registration of an FIR against Kangana,” the ANI said in a statement. This is because of his tweet, which has now been deleted. This tweet commented on the agricultural protests against the agricultural sector. Kangana is being accused of insulting farmers because of this tweet.

According to media reports, the court has directed to register an FIR with Kiyathsandra police station. However, Kangana Ranaut herself did not respond to the whole issue.


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