The comedy and good films of Rohit Sethi and Rajkumar Hirani will be emphasized in the beginning, big pictures will be released around Diwali.

Amit Karna, Mumbai20 days ago

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The central government has also announced ‘Unlock 5.0’ and allowed theaters to open from October 15. According to information received by Daily Bhaskar, movies across the country will first release pictures of Rohit Sethi, Rajkumar Hirani, Amitabh Bachchan and Christopher Nolan. Films like Suryavanshi, Lakshmi Boma, Coolie No. 1 will be released from near Deepawali as new content.

Raj Bansal, a trade analyst and distributor, said the movie operators had 15 days. So during this period, they will clean their property, sanitize etc. Only 50 percent of the seats are allowed, so whatever the seat will be between them, they will all be ready.

The old movie will start

He further said, ‘After opening the theater, films with small budget will start from old films. Especially those who have small centers, their Dhoom ‘,’ Golmaal ‘,’ Munnabhai ‘type pictures will be published. Films like ‘Hera Fedi’ will also release rights from movie distributors. “

Recent movies like ‘Gunjan Saxena: The Cargill Girl’, ‘Gulabo Sitavo’ and ‘English Medium’ from OTT may also be released here. However, these will start to be released in a few shows. These pictures on the big screen will try to figure out what people want to see.

Movies will get full support

Experts say there will be all-round support for theaters. Not only distributors, but also companies like UFOs are interested in providing projectors with software. They will deduct virtual print fees to recover from manufacturers. For this reason, the producer will take less charge from the movie operators.

The movie will be released, dubbed and will be free from movies with regional languages: Komal Nahta

In the words of trade analyst Komal Nahata, ‘Movies will be released early, dubbed and released from regional languages. Short films will also be released. Obviously ‘Suryavanshi’ will not come before Diwali. ’83’ will not come before Christmas. Together, a month before Diwali, it will be known that the audience is coming to the theater.

Everyone has a purpose at this moment

He further said, “Apart from ‘Baghi 3’ and ‘English Medium’, it is possible to be released without Hollywood, ‘Tencent’, ‘Mulan’ etc. in such a situation of Diwali from October 15. It is also possible that only the Hindi version of ‘Tencent’ has been published. Everyone has the same goal, to start working again somehow. No one is thinking of earning. People will be forced to go back to the theater.

Yashraj has also made several films

‘The films will be released on revised terms. If some pictures of Yashraj are ready, he can also be taken. Salman at City will keep an eye on the period till Diwali. Maharashtra is closed till October 30 in Tamil Nadu. Maharashtra is a big region for Hindi films, so this aspect will also be interesting.

Distributors don’t want any advance from the theater: Kumar Adarsh

Kumar Adarsh, Founder General Secretary of the Indian Standalone Cinema Theater Guild, the single screen fraternity, said, “We will start with previous films like ‘Gulabo Sitavo’ and ‘English Medium’ which have already been released. “As a new content, I believe that ‘Khali-Halud’, ‘Lakshmi Boma’, ‘Coolie No. 1’ are also likely to be released in theaters.”


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