The characters in the story should be classic: the head of Amazon Prime in India Originals

Aparna is a priest. (Photo: @ Aparna 1502)

Aparna Purohit, head of India Originals, says in the Amazon Prime video, be it the star of ‘Made in Heaven’, the women of ‘Four More Shots Please’ or Hatirram Chowdhury of ‘Patal Lok’, I think these characters are classics.

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New Delhi. In the Amazon Prime video, Aparna Purohit, head of India Origins, says that ‘Made in Heaven’, ‘Patal Lok’ and ‘Mirzapur’ are like creating a web series with a natural tendency to ‘know how the story is original and original It can be remembered by the audience for a long time.

The priest said that the story needs to have many kinds of characters that can expand to the audience of the country. The second edition of the ‘Mirzapur’ series is going to be aired on Amazon Prime from Friday, depicting mafia gangs and crimes in Uttar Pradesh and the role of the priest in making this series.

In an interview with PTI-Bhasa, he said, “It is very important to have a comfortable attitude. It is very important to know what your inner voice says about the story and the characters. You should try to create characters that people will remember even after you leave. She is the star of ‘Made in Heaven’, the woman of ‘Four More Shots Please’ or Hatirram Chowdhury of ‘Patal Lok’, I think these characters are classics.

Then he will be remembered for a long timeTo illustrate the importance of the originality of the stories, the priest quoted the immortal characters in Ray’s film. He said, ‘When you write a story you should always look at how original the story is because if it is original and connected to the roots, it will be remembered for as long as it was written by Roy about 50 years ago. Gaya stories are still with us today.

The idea of ​​’Made in Heaven’ series has been revealed by watching the wedding video
“At Amazon, the work is done on a data basis but we work with our instincts and the enthusiasm of the filmmakers,” he said. The priest said that while watching a wedding video on the phone of director Zoya Akhtar, the idea of ​​’Made in Heaven’ series came to light. The series depicts the lives and surroundings of rich people through the eyes of wedding planners.

The priest said that similarly, when Sudip Sharma narrated the story of ‘Patal Lok’, it seemed that many ‘Bharats’ settling in this country would be sought. The series depicts the life of a Delhi police officer and the fascinating situations he went through while fighting crime.

The priest said that such national programs have changed the way storytelling is done in India. Prior to heading the ‘Creative Development’ division at Amazon Prime Video in 2016, Pirohit worked in the UTV Motion Pictures and NDFC film markets. After earning a master’s degree in mass communication from Jamia Millia Islamia, he was appointed head of Amazon Prime of India Originals last year.


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