The CBI said the investigation into the actor’s death was ongoing, adding that the news leading to the outcome of our investigation was just speculation

5 days ago

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Some reports said that the CBI had completed its investigation into Subantha’s case and would soon submit its report to the court.

  • ED is also investigating, a day before the raid on Dinesh Bijan’s house
  • On September 29, the AIIMS team submitted its final report to the CBI

The CBI issued a statement in the Sushant Singh Rajput case on Thursday. The agency said the actor’s death case is still under investigation. The CBI issued the statement following a report that said the agency had completed its investigation and reached the bottom of the case.

CBI spokesperson RK Gaur, in an interview to India Today, confirmed the truth of the probe. In fact, some reports said the agency had completed the investigation and found no wrongdoing in the case. And also that the CBI will soon submit its concluding report to the court. After that, CBI spokesperson RK Gaur said that these were just speculations. The CBI is still investigating the case.

The speculation began after the Ames report
The reports came just days after the AIMS report, which ruled out a murder charge in the Sushant case and said it was clearly a suicide case. Sushant’s family lawyer Bikash Singh also questioned the AIIMS reports. Bikash Singh said that Dr Sudhir Gupta had earlier said that it was 200 per cent murder after seeing the picture of Sushant’s body.

The AIIMS report claims suicide
A team from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) led by Dr Sudhir Gupta has re-examined Sushant Singh Rajput’s autopsy report and viceroy’s report. The team found that it was a suicide. The report completely denied Murder Angle. Since then, the CBI has been investigating this line. “Sushant’s death is a case of suicide. The murder was completely dismissed,” Dr Sudhir Gupta said while submitting the investigation report.

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