The Burj Khalifa singer, who went into depression after the 9/11 attacks, started teams to happily recover and became a DJ for 20 hours of training.

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The song Burj Khalifa from the upcoming film ‘Lakshmi Bom’ is in trend nowadays. Featuring Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani, the song has garnered over 38 million views in four days. DJ Khushi and Shashi Sumon sang this song. In an exclusive interview with Daily Bhaskar, DJ Khushi explained his struggle. According to him, he was going to America to build a career in business management. But then came the 9/11 terrorist attacks and his visa was denied. Because of this he went into despair. Read what DJ Khushi told you,

‘Party begins to overcome frustration’

Before coming to this case, I wanted to go to America and study international business management. It was my dream. He was also admitted to the college. But 9/11 was attacked and visas were denied. I fell into despair. The party started to overcome him.

As the late night began to come, it began to hit the house. To end the cycle he became a DJ. So that homeowners feel that something is working. With this I will have the opportunity to party on the pretext of work.

Take a 20-hour course. However, it does not work. It only tells you which tools to use. You will learn the work ahead by doing your own work.

‘Making an Introductory Film’

When the DJ came to know that this is a big serious job. People didn’t realize it was a profession. The film began to create an identity. The first thing I did with Shah Rukh Khan was with the song ‘Chammak Chalo’ from the movie Ra-One. For the remix of this song, Shah Rukh Khan asked many DJs for the melody.

I did this through Karim Murani. I composed the tune, which Shah Rukh liked very much. He liked that the singer of this song was Akon International. But my step has made it desi. After that I also remixed the songs ‘Desi Boys’, ‘Chittian Kalayan’, ‘Chikni Chameli’. He has even remixed the song ‘Hosana’ for AR Rahman. I am the first person to remix Rahman’s song.

‘Ale Hai Mushkil’ was remixed in the end

Last time I did a remix of ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’. After that I decided not to remix anymore. It was time for me to meet my partner Shashi Sumon. Start working together. Last year we launched a single. ‘PM Narendra Modi’ has composed three songs in the film. Then another single came out ‘soon’. Now the original song ‘Burj Khalifa’ has been composed.

‘Burj Khalifa will be the singer’

We were going to bring ‘Burj Khalifa’ as the first single. But I realized that this is a big song. It is better to do it with big stars. Then after a long time and tireless work we got the time of Akshay Kumar Zia. He loved to sing. He kept it. When he was ‘currently’ with B-Prok, Akshay did not say in which movie he would use the song.

Fortunately, the song was shot only at Burj Khalifa. Without the current situation, Dubai 2020 would have been an expo. We also used to promote our songs there. The idea for this song also came from there when we went there on the show.

‘New start with Burj Khalifa’

My new innings started with ‘Burj Khalifa’. Otherwise people still put me in the singers remixing section. I have now come to identify with Shashi Sumon as the original composer. I will be composing the original song ahead.

Remixes and reactions differ from each other. In the remix only the beat changes. The melody, the melody and the presentation also change with the re-created song. I believe that good songs are rarely done in repetition. Most of the original songs didn’t do justice. I will recycle those songs where I can do justice. Not otherwise.


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