The Australian cricketer has a long association with Bollywood, Asha once told him

New Delhi: Australian cricketer Brett Lee is very fond of Indian films. He has expressed his love for Bollywood in various forums. Today, former Australian fast bowler Brett Lee is celebrating his 44th birthday today.

Brett Lee starred in the hit film ‘Victory’ starring Herman Baoeza. He also starred in many Australian players. A scene from the 2006 film Victory was also shot at the Sydney Ground. Although Brett Lee’s balls in the film were easily taken across the border by Bollywood actor Harman Bauza, it is not very easy to do.

People influenced by Brett Lee’s character in ‘UnIndian’
He has also acted in Tannisha Chatterjee’s ‘Unindian’. This movie was released in 2016. Sensitive scenes did not get their share after hard work. Yet, he has incorporated himself into every scene and made appearances. His character in the film was quite acclaimed.

Brett Lee has worked with Asha Bhonsle
A favorite of Brett Lee’s music, he recorded an album ‘Ami Toke Hun’ with Asha Bhosle in 2009. They take part in charity work through their band ‘Six and Out’.

Brett Lee’s specialty in music since childhood
Let me tell you, Brett Lee was born on November 8, 1977 in New South Wales, Australia. His father’s name was Bob and his mother’s name was Helen. His mother was a piano teacher, so Brett Lee had a special passion for music from an early age.

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