The advocate first told the High Court that Payal was ready to apologize, but later refused on Twitter.

14 days ago

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Richa Chada has filed a defamation suit against Payal Ghosh in the Bombay High Court. The case was filed on October 2. But Pawel’s two statements on the same day brought a new twist to the story. Pawel’s lawyer had earlier told the High Court that they were ready to apologize and withdraw the statement. However, Payal denied the matter immediately after the tweet. Payal writes – He will not apologize to anyone.

Payal said sorry not sorry

“I’m not apologizing to anyone,” Pawel wrote in the tweet. I did not make any mistake or lie against anyone. I just said what Anurag Kashyap told me. Sorry or sorry, in another tweet, Payal said – I did nothing with Miss Chad. As women we should stand up for each other. As well. I am not exploiting them in this case without any involvement. My fight is for justice and affection against Kashyap. And now I believe in fighting alone. Now his real face will come in front of the world.

Earlier, his lawyer had written to the High Court stating that he had inadvertently made insulting remarks against Richard. As a woman she always stands with women, because women live in a male dominated society.

Two pictures changed throughout the day

Prior to Pawel’s tweet, the High Court had said that the case could be adjourned if Payal agreed to apologize for his remarks. After that Payal is ready to apologize on Wednesday. On the other hand, Justice Ake Menon’s bench issued a temporary order asking that defamatory material against Richard be barred from airing until October 12. Richa has filed a defamation suit worth Rs 1.1 crore on a news channel including Payal and Kamal R Khan.

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