The actress who alleged rape against Anurag Kashyap wrote – Mafia gang will kill me and prove it to be suicide or something to

10 days ago

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Actress Pawel Ghosh, who had alleged rape against filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, has sought help from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and National Women’s Commission chairperson Rekha Sharma. In his latest tweet, he expressed fears of being killed. Payal tagged the two and wrote, “This movie mafia gang will kill me and then it will prove to be suicide or something.”

He compared himself with Sushant

Pawel Ghosh tweeted another few hours later and compared himself to Sushant Singh Rajput. He tagged the Prime Minister’s Office, Prime Minister Modi, Home Minister and Home Minister Amit Shah and wrote, “Looks like they are also waiting for my death like Sushant. Because no response has been received yet and other Bollywood actors have died.” It will become such a mystery. “

Richa asked – why is Kashyap so confident?

Payal Ghosh has targeted Richa Chadha in one of his tweets. In fact, Richa shared a photo of Payal Ghosh’s meeting with Rekha Sharma in one of her tweets and wrote, “Yeah, look, look, labor mam. I haven’t responded to my complaint yet (filed on September 11, 2020). In the case of the director who filed a complaint against Miss Ghosh for dragging. Looking at your own tweet, it seems that I (Payal) have filed my complaint before.

In response to Richar’s tweet, Pawel Ghosh wrote, “How Miss Chada came to the truth by not saying your name has been dragged out unnecessarily. Why do you trust Mr. Kashyap (to my surprise)? Why consider Rekha Sharma? Please see the whole thing.” The gang is trying to suppress me. “

Payal has met the Union Minister of State for Home Affairs

Earlier, Payal had met Union Home Minister Kishan Reddy. After the meeting, the actress tweeted, “I met Mr. G. Kishan Reddy, who had a very good and timely discussion on Amit Shah’s MOS and Union Minister of State for Home Affairs. It was an issue that many people had to deal with. Now is the time to act.” “

A rape case was filed on September 22

On September 22, Payal filed a rape case against Anurag Kashyap at the Versova police station in Mumbai. The actress alleged that Kashyap raped her in 2013 at a place on Versailles Yari Road. Anurag has been charged with mischief, misdemeanor, unjustly restrained and insulting a woman. However, Anurag denied the allegations during police interrogation.


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