The actress said in an interview – I was called a harem, so I said it, but I should have said Syria

A month ago

Kangana Ranaut is a regular attacker on Shiv Sena and Maharashtra government.

  • Kangana Ranaut also noticed Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in an interview
  • The actress wrote in a tweet on September 2 – Why Mumbai is feeling pok

Kangana Ranaut is still adamant in her statement comparing Mumbai to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. He said in an interview, “I was called a bastard. So I said it doesn’t look like Mumbai, it looks like PK. Then they tried to use it. The crowd gathered and launched me. I called PO. But I should have called Syria.” . “

Targets Rahul Gandhi

Kangana Ranaut in her statement targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. He said, “When Rahul Gandhi said that he sees India as Syria, no one gives him a launch or goes to break into his house. What is the problem with these people?”

In June 2018, Rahul Gandhi pointed to Prime Minister Modi on the issue of rape and violence against women in India, saying that India had overtaken Afghanistan, Syria and Saudi Arabia in this regard.

Kangana made the controversial statement 18 days ago

On 3 September Kangana Ranaut in one of her tweets compared Mumbai to PO. “Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut has publicly threatened me and told me not to come to Mumbai. Why does Mumbai look like Pakistan-occupied Kashmir to me,” he wrote. After this tweet, Kangana was criticized by many Bollywood celebrities. Even the BJP’s Maharashtra branch, which had backed him, backed away from his statement.


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