The actress said, “I am ready for an intimate scene to such an extent, such a shocking statement.”

Shamin Mannan

Actress Shamin Mannan believes that in my opinion I could not do a show that changed my life. I will definitely do it if I get a chance in the film. Well nowadays there is no difference between TV, web and movies.

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Mumbai Shamin Mannan, who was featured in the TV show Sanskar as the daughter of an NRI, is now seen in the film ‘Ram Pyre Kehin Hamare’. In it, she is playing the role of a woman named Koel. He is a resident of Dibrugarh, Assam. In a conversation, Shamin said, “I have a lot of shades of acting in this character. The show is a comedy but my character is realistic. Cuckoo is glamorous and wears unrealistic clothes. She is charming and knows the purpose of her life. I can’t relate to this character very much but it’s a strong character C Cuckoo has a lot of confidence and he knows what he needs Here I can relate to Cuckoo here because I know when I want it and I know it “

She said, ‘I wanted to be an actress since childhood because when I saw actors interview, I wanted to live that life. In the family I was taught to be a doctor or an engineer. I made her dream my own, but took part in drama, dance or fashion shows at school. While in engineering, I had the opportunity to work on a couple of plays. I was studying in Bangalore then. Balaji Telefilms were being auditioned there. I also went to see and was shortlisted for many girl roles. However, did not reach the final. Then I realized that I had to try this case because I didn’t like engineering at all. I moved to Mumbai and started auditioning. Within 3 months I got a serial baby. This was my first break.

He said, ‘We had to fight a lot for the first chance to come from outside, which the Star kids don’t have to do. At first, I had no involvement with the industry, but with whom I met, I got along well. Second after the first, third after the second, thus the order of getting good work always continues.

The actress said, ‘My family was shocked to see my performance. They didn’t know at first that I was acting. When I told him that you saw me on TV, he did not respond well, but when people in the neighborhood started praising my work, he slowly accepted my work. Although I did not get a selection during the Bangalore audition, confidence has reached because of the short list. Then a friend of mine suggested me to try the serial. I have also worked in many advertisements in Bangalore. Came to Mumbai to create a portfolio. ‘The actress believes that in my opinion I couldn’t do any show that changed my life. I will definitely do it if I get a chance in the film. Well nowadays there is no difference between TV, web and movies. Still I will try in film and webseries. I do painting in my spare time. The web series contains intimate scenes. For that I am ready to a limit. There is nothing I can do. I am married and share all my heart with my husband. If there’s a demand for a sex story, I’m just ready for it.


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