The actress said- Anurag Kashyap’s mood deteriorated after what he did, yet I scream in my sleep

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Payal Ghosh, who had alleged rape against Anurag Kashyap, said that his anxiety and panic attacks started after the incident. In a conversation with a news website, he said, “I buried this incident inside myself first.” My doctor told me you were hiding something. When the doctor encouraged me, I realized that this could be the reason behind my mental state.

‘What Kashyap has done is annoying’

“I come from a family where women are not allowed to work,” Payal told Gulf News. I considered myself the pioneer of women in my family. But what Mr. Kashyap did, he kept reprimanding me.

Then I decided it should stop. I believe I have never had the courage before. But now it is. I knew that if I didn’t come forward and keep talking, this incident would always bother me.

‘I can’t even turn off the lights at night’

“I’m taking medication for anxiety and panic attacks,” Pawel said. My regular fear was that I would be attacked after what happened to me. I could not turn off the lights at night. I thought someone would attack me.

My sister says I often scream in my sleep that someone is attacking me. I felt panic attacks, which made me feel restless and short of breath.

What happened to Payal?

“I met my manager for the first time with my officer,” Payal said in an interview. When they asked me to come home and meet, I went with my driver. He treated me well during meetings in the office and told me how many great actors were in regular contact with him.

Then I realized that it was better to talk to an outsider who was an outsider. I found him to be an inspiration because he was not in the industry. They made their own. So when they called me home, I didn’t think too much.

I want to make it clear that he is not the first director or actor in Bollywood to try to tell me. But everyone else respected my ‘N’. They didn’t try to force me. This is the main difference. When I say ‘no’ to him (affection), it is not honored.

Anurag Kashyap has denied the allegations

On September 22, Payal Ghosh filed a rape case against Anurag. She alleges that Anurag raped her in 2013 at a place on Curry Road in Versoir. On October 8, Anurag Kashyap was interrogated for about 24 hours in the case.

Chitranayak told the police that all the allegations of Pawel were false and baseless. There is absolutely no truth in them. This is a conspiracy against me. However, the police could not give any answer when asked who and why the conspiracy would be hatched against them.


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