The actress has surrounded the movie mafia in four tweets, raised three questions and is writing – Suicide and Murder

19 days ago

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After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput on June 14, Kangana Ranaut blamed her first niece and the film mafia for her death.

  • Kangana wrote in her tweet that no young and extraordinary person will wake up one day and commit suicide
  • AIIMS final report denies murder in Sushant’s case

After the final report of AIIMS in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, Kangana Ranaut has again played the role of movie mafia. The actress has raised many questions in four tweets. And it is said that liberation from suicide is also murder. Since Sushant’s death, Kangana has been blamed for her suicide by industry nephews and movie mafias.

However, after the allegations against Riya Chakraborty in Patna, the issue raised by him became biased.

The actress said- Sushant said that he was being harassed

The actress wrote in her first tweet, “Young and extra ordinary people don’t wake up one day like this. Sushant said she was being harassed. She was scared for her life. She said the movie mafia banned her and was harassing her. Falsely accused of rape.” He later became emotionally traumatized. “

Kangana tweeted: After the latest progress, we need to know the answers to some questions.
1) The SSR has repeatedly spoken of banning large production houses. Who are these people conspiring against him?
2) Why did the media spread false news that he was a rapist?
3) Why was Mahesh Bhatt doing his psychoanalysis?

Kangana’s third tweet was, “She spoke openly with Yashraj Films about her fall. It is well known that several big production houses banned her. Several of her pictures were dropped, which is obvious. Sounds like a conspiracy.” He begged people on social media and said he was being thrown out of the film world. “

In a fourth tweet, Kangana wrote, “Before his death, his family complained that his life was in danger. They wanted to live. But they wanted to leave the movies. They wanted to settle permanently in Kurga. Then who blackmailed him?” Did it seem easier for them to die than? Morally and legally preventing suicide is murder “


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