The actress claimed that Susanta had a breakup due to her infidelity.

23 days ago

The relationship between Sara Ali Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput started during the shooting of ‘Kedarnath’.

According to Sara Ali Khan, her breakup with Sushant Singh Rajput was due to Beid Mani. The actress made the claim during an interrogation at the Bureau of Narcotics Control on Saturday, the report said. Sara told the investigating agency that she had an affair with Sushant during the shooting of her first film ‘Kedarnath’. However, a few months later in January 2019, the two separated.

Sarah went to stay at Sushant’s house

According to reports, Sara told NCB that she went to live with Sushant’s house at Capri House during the shooting of the film. According to him, he went with Sushant for 5 days to the island of Koh Samui in Thailand, where he also had a party.

This time, the actress claimed that Susanta was using drugs during the shooting of Kedarnath. He believed that he would go to his party with Sushant. However, he himself never took drugs.

Sushant Sara was going to propose

A few days ago, Sushant Singh, who was the director of Rajput’s farm house, claimed that Rais was going to propose to the late actor Sara Ali Khan. According to Rice, Sara started going to Sushant’s farmhouse in 2018. During this time he stayed there for three to four days.

Aristocracy I remember Abbas Bhai (Sushant’s friend) asked me to pack a bag to go to Daman on Sushant Sir’s birthday. Probably a program was scheduled for the prime minister in February. For this reason all the hotels were full and we did not get a room. For this reason, our repression trip could not take place.

During the Daman trip, Sushant wanted to propose to Sara Mam. They wanted to give him a gift and order something for him. However, the trip could not be made. A trip to Kerala was then planned, but it was also canceled. Later in February or March 2019 I heard they broke up. After January 2016, Sara Mam never went to the farm.


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