The actress called Bollywood a sewer, saying that big heroes exploit girls and do not allow young men like Sushant to go ahead.

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Kangana has once again targeted nepotism in Bollywood through Twitter. (File)

  • On Monday, 34 filmmakers filed an appeal in the Delhi High Court against the objectionable report.
  • Kangana told the producers that she had crawled into the sewer, wrote- now that she knows how she feels after being insulted

Kangana Ranaut again targeted Bollywood. This actress called Bollywood a sewer. It was further said that big heroes exploit young girls. In fact, Kangana was critical of producers who filed an appeal in the Delhi High Court against some news channels and journalists for reporting them as irresponsible and offensive.

Kangana tweeted, ‘Bollywood is a web of drugs, exploitation, nepotism and jihad. Instead of cleaning the sewer, it is closed. # Bollywood Strikeback I should also present it to all of you as long as I am alive. ‘

Big charges on big heroes

Kangana made a big complaint without naming any of the superstars. Wrote, ‘Big heroes not only see women as objects, they also exploit young girls. Sushant Singh does not allow youngsters like Rajput to come forward, but at the age of 50 he wants to take on the role of school children himself. They never stand up for anyone. Even then if there is injustice in front of human eyes.

In the next tweet Kangana wrote, ‘There is an unwritten law in the industry based on honesty towards each other that you keep my secret, I will hide it from you. Ever since I was born I have seen a handful of these film families run the industry. When will the change come?

… and then the crawler

In another tweet, Kangana even called the producers of the case, who fell into the sewer. He wrote in his tweet …

Bollywood has been vocal against the offensive report

Bollywood has accused the media of irresponsible and offensive reporting. Four film associations and 34 filmmakers filed a petition in the Delhi High Court against several channels and their journalists. The petition asked Channel Republic TV, its journalist Arnab Goswami, Pradeep Bhandari, Channel Times Now, its journalist Rahul Shivshankar and Navika Kumar to stop irresponsible and offensive reporting against Bollywood celebrities.


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